Family and Couples Psychotherapy

I was trained in “Systemic Family Therapy” before I was trained in individual therapy.  Thus, I am a specialist in working with your entire family in the same room at the same time and with couples together.  Here we work on the patterns, communication and history that have lead to unhappiness and suffering between and within family members.  We identify the “dances” that are repeated over and over between couples and families and work to develop new steps or entire dances. 

In this context I work with you on relational escalations and conflicts, basic communication and problem solving, and the development of understanding and empathy between people where blame and mistrust have existed. 


In addition to general family functioning the specific difficulties attended to in family and couple therapy in my practice include: 

  • eating disorders
  • addictions
  • the impacts of war zone
  • childhood
  • ongoing trauma