About Dr. Julie Kriegler and the Therapy Process


My professional roles include psychotherapist, human development and parenting consultant, clinical supervisor and consultant for other licensed mental health providers, and teacher/educator.

I truly enjoy and am committed to being in relationship with individuals and their families in what I believe to be sacred work. 

When you commit to it, therapy is often the hardest work you will ever do.  It can also be the most rewarding, clarifying and transformative work you will ever do. In the relational therapy that I engage in with you, you will not do this alone but in a relationship that should be safe and different than the relational experiences that have impacted you up until this point. This new experience can, over time, literally lead to rewiring of your brain.

In walking into and through your self, your development and scary and stuck places with someone else, you can come to find meaning and words for what has confused, troubled, formed and even controlled you. In discovering these meanings, and stopping old experiences and patterns from running things, then you can end up with choices and enter into new or alternative ways of being within yourself and your relationships and communities be they family, work, or other groups. 

When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘We
Even Illness can become Wellness

I look forward to speaking with you about entering into this process together.