Sessions & Cancellation

The first couple of sessions usually involve the identification of your needs and goals of therapy.  During this time, we will sort out and discover if we are well matched to work together towards these goals and that we are comfortable moving forward in the therapy relationship.  Once Psychotherapy has begun, I usually schedule one 50- minute “hour” per week at a regular, agreed upon time.  Based on your needs, some sessions may be longer or more frequent.  The specifics of this schedule will be worked out between us together.

Your specific hour(s) will be blocked out and dedicated to you on an ongoing basis.  Thus, missed appointments may present a problem as your time cannot be rebooked easily.  Based on this, my cancellation policy is that sessions must be cancelled 48 (or preferably more) hours in advance.  I will always try to find another time to reschedule the session.  Unless you give 48 hours notice you will be billed for a missed session.


Sessions (a “therapeutic hour”) are 50 minutes long and are billed at the rate of $225 for individuals and $250 for couples and families.  If you have financial circumstances that require anything different than this rate we can discuss it accordingly.  Longer or shorter sessions will be pro-rated.  Payment can be at each session or in one monthly payment.  I can provide monthly invoices for you to file with your insurance company if and as needed.

I do not provide for or belong to any insurance panels.  Thus, I will not discuss your treatment or negotiate payments with your insurance company or its representatives.  Your confidentiality is a priority to me.


You are welcome to contact me by phone (650-566-9920) and leave a confidential message for me at any time.  I may be unable to return your call until the end of the day.  If you need immediate care or attention and cannot safely wait for me to get back to you, please contact or go to your nearest emergency room or contact a crisis hotline at 650-368-6655 or 408-279-3312.

You may also contact me online or by email at info@drjuliekriegler.com.  I cannot guarantee the confidentiality of this form of communication and will not engage in any clinical interventions in this context.


For your first visit, there are 3 forms to fill out and sign.  We can discuss any or all of them when we meet in person.  They are:

Treatment Agreements: Individual or Couple and Family
General Information
Agreement for Psychological Intervention